Kit Kat…New Android Release ??

Ice cream sandwich, Jelly beans and …… KIT KAT???? Is that the new desert name for the upcoming Android release? Well if the photo tweeted by Android Boss Sundar Pichai is to be believed then ,yes, Kit Kat is the new name for the upcoming Android release. Sundar Pichai tweeted a photo of a huge Android robot made out of Kit Kats.


Kit Kat might be a goofy name but it has a nice rhythm to the previous Android names. Ice Cream sandwich which was version 4.0 released back in 2011. After which came Jelly beans which has had three version releases so far (currently 4.3). With Kit Kat being Version 4.4 we would probably be going to come with some major changes, possibly with a newer UI.

It could be possible that Google might be trying to gain some attention back with recent news of the new deal between Microsoft and Nokia on one side and on the other side the rumored release of the new iPhone 5s. Now the only awaited response is to come from Samsung ,what would their next move be in this SmartPhone war.